Holistic wellbeing: A journey through the 4 pillars of wellness by GoE

Holistic wellbeing encompasses the entirety of your being, from the mental and emotional to the physical and social. Wellness, in its essence, intertwines these facets seamlessly. Our approach to nurturing your wellness centres on four key elements: activity, nutrition, beauty, and rest.

  • Active

    Fall in love with an active lifestyle

  • Rest

    Discover different ways of relaxation

  • Nutrition

    Make healthy food choices every day

  • Beauty

    Glow up with self love

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    Feel energised!

    Move your way to a healthier and happier you. Many scientific studies have shown that key factor of longevity is being active every day, by around 30 min. To make a permanent lifestyle change, the activity we choose must feel attainable and enjoyable.

    In ACTIVE by GOE we believe in consistency, a step-by-step approach, at your own tempo. We designed our website, social media and platform content in a way, that helps you find an activity (activities), that you can and enjoy doing every day, starting to day, till the rest of your life.

    • activity boosts your mood
    • activity influences longevity
    • consistency is the key

    Tune into your body

    Keeping balance between activity and restoration is very important. But what does it mean to rest?To rest properly we need to stop. Stop, and be present in the moment that is now.

    We designed the Rest classes in a way, so you could find the tools that will help you manage your stress. Yoga, Mindfulness, breathing techniques, Thai-chi, relaxation exercises, meditation just to name a few.

    • balance activity and restoration
    • stop and be in the present moment
    • mindfulness, yoga, breathing techniques

    Nourish yourself

    Food is very important to feel healthy, energised. It is a fuel to our organism and should be treated as such. But healthy food doesn’t have to be boring, nor plastic.

    In GOE we believe in variety, a difference, and a balance. We guide you on how to cook tasty and healthy meals and how to make your healthy food choices every day. We show you how to create your menu, so it is full of nutrients your body and mind needs.

    • nutrition is vital for our health
    • healthy food doesn’t have to be boring
    • variety, difference, balance

    Glow up in your own skin

    Support on your journey to self-love and self-acceptance. Discover your beauty. At GOE, we believe that beauty comes from within. We all know people with a constant smile, glowing skin, healthy body and full of positive vibes. Healthy hair and skin are beautiful, sincere smiles and clear looking eyes are beautiful, kindness and openness are beautiful, support and positivity are beautiful.

    In Beauty by GOE, we want to help and support you with ways that will make you feel more beautiful. From skincare products and advice, through supplements, and classes on how to practise self-love in everyday life. We want you to feel good in your own body and skin. You deserve to be healthy and happy.

    • beauty comes from within
    • healthy body and mind
    • self-love and self-acceptance